Time Tracking

BuJo provides several commands via the command palette to schedule entries (i.e., copy them to the time tracking table as tasks) and track the time spent. An example of a time tracking table can be seen below:

Highlighting for the Time Tracking Table

Scheduling Entries

To schedule tasks, one can use the BuJo: Schedule Entry. When executed, this command will:

  • Extract the BuJo entry text (i.e., alias if the entry is a wiki-link) or wiki-link depending on the value of the setting bujo.scheduler.taskName.
  • Generate a unique identifier (e.g., ^bf4uuibsangd) for the BuJo entry and append it at the end of the line.
  • Prompt the user to type the name of a markdown file that contains a time tracking table.
  • Copy the entry text to the time tracking table as an open task and include a reference to the original BuJo entry based on the unique identifier.
  • Update the symbol of the original BuJo entry to indicate that the task has been migrated to a time tracking table.

The following video demonstrates the scheduling command in action:

Alternatively, the command BuJo: Schedule Entry can also be invoked via the default keybinding alt+shift+p.


The behavior of the scheduling command can be further customized through the following user settings:


Can be used to specify the prefix to use when selecting the daily planner file via the input box (e.g., *prefix*.2022.03.20).


Can be used to specify the symbol to set for a BuJo entry scheduled to the time track table (i.e., by default, the symbol is updated from [ ] to [>]).


Can be used to specify what to use as task name for the time tracking table when scheduling a BuJo entry that contains a wiki link with an alias (e.g., [[A random task|project.example.a-random-task]]:

  • alias sets the name of the task in the table to wiki link alias (e.g., A random task)
  • filename sets the name of the task to the actual wiki link (e.g., [[project.example.a-random-task]])

Tracking Time

BuJo also introduces commands to track the time spent on tasks in a time tracking table:

  • BuJo: Record Time to add a time record for a task
  • BuJo: Time Spent to calculate the total time spent on a task

The following video demonstrates these commands in action:

Additionally, the two commands above can also be invoked via the default keybindings:

  • alt+shift+t to run command BuJo: Record Time
  • alt+shift+s to run command BuJo: Time Spent


Check out the Snippets Reference for handy snippets that can be used to generate time tracking tables, add tasks from the clipboard, and more.