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BuJo is an extension that adds syntax highlighting for Bullet Journal entries (e.g., tasks and events) and provides convenient commands, snippets, and keybindings for managing tasks and notes in Markdown. It works best in combination with Dendronopen in new window or Foamopen in new window for an awesome way to turn VS Code into a full-fledged personal knowledge management and productivity system.

Syntax Highlighting

At the syntax highlighting level, BuJo parses the text written in Markdown files for specific patterns and allows arbitrary colors to be mapped to different parts of a BuJo entry. Out of the box, BuJo provides highlighting for the standard Bullet Journal entries proposed by Carroll (2018)open in new window. It also provides a way to select and colorize markdown table grids, and tasks and time records within tables.

Task Management

BuJo goes beyond syntax highlighting and taps into time tracking and time blocking methodologies (e.g., Newport, 2016open in new window). To this end, BuJo proposes commands and keybindings to effortlessly update task statuses, plan working days, and track the time spent on tasks.

Learn More

The following guide is aimed at first-time users to provide an overview of the BuJo notation and its main features. The remainder of the guide is structured as follows:

  1. Syntax Highlighting
  2. Symbol Updating
  3. Time Tracking
  4. Time Blocking